Liliya George, LMFT

“Ultimately, it’s the quality of our relationships that will determine the quality of our lives.”
– Esther Perel –

Happy couple cuddling in restaurant

If you are thinking about starting therapy, the message I have for you is – make the call today!

Don’t wait until it is too late. Often couples don’t get to my office until things in their relationship are already too difficult and they are coming to therapy as a a last resort to try to save their relationship. You don’t have to wait until this point.

Couples therapy can help you resolve things early on and learn how to communicate about these concerns before they get out of hand. Couples therapy can help you work through regrettable events or emotional injuries in the relationship before there is too much emotional damage done.

When it comes to individuals – if you feel that you are in the wrong relationship, can’t seem to attract the right person, or just can’t find joy and peace in your life – I want to invite you to start therapy to work on healing your relationship with yourself before you set off to find your dream relationship with a romantic partner.

Take the first step today by contacting me.

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